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Who wants to start a do online trading and to profit from changes in the price of market securities can do so easily and with numerous free tools at hand. Among these, there are CFDs, financial instruments that allow you to invest in lots of assets thanks to regulated trading platforms.

Have you ever asked yourself that What is online trading? We can define it as a useful tool to try to get a profit based on the fluctuations of financial markets.

Trading financial markets could be an excellent investment tool, which could also lead to high returns but only if you know how to use it with excellent tools, safe techniques and appropriate strategies.

What we offer you today is a complete guide on online trading, born from the need to give the right information based on international impositions and regulations.

Obviously there are references to strategies, techniques, and possible tricks. But be careful online trading is not easy and could also result in the loss of the entire capital invested.

If you want to start trading, we advise you to start by creating a demo account on one of our recommended platforms, suitable for all traders, beginners and non-traders who offer useful demo accounts to start trading but also to test the broker and understand if it is the right platform for their needs.

In our online trading guide you will also find one ranking of the best brokers. In fact, our experience teaches us that the choice of the broker with which one operates on the financial markets is very important.


online trading

This widespread investment tool has been considered an innovative investment vehicle for many years, which allows all traders to work closely on online trading platforms, which are regulated and authorized for other purposes.

Today online trading is known by many traders with the terms TOL. Today thanks to these investment tools all those who have a bank account or even have decided to invest in the stock market, they can do the buying and selling of financial instruments. Such as? Stand comfortably on the sofa at home.

They can do it thanks to online trading platforms that can now be used on the internet without being installed on their PC. So you can invest and trade directly from the web, mobile, etc.

The regulation of this instrument took place precisely in the 1999 thanks to the New Regulation Consob activation of the single text of the financial markets.
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What is online trading?

7 online trading

What is online trading?

By definition, online trading we could consider it as the technique of speculate on financial markets using the services offered by brokers, accessible directly via the internet.

Understanding how online trading works is the first step to succeed in a completely obscure industry. Hence our decision to publish an introductory guide that explains clearly and simply, what trading is and how to start trading online.

The idea behind online trading is always the same: gain from the change in asset prices on financial markets.

To do this, you can choose to invest in different markets such as:

  • Forex
  • bag
  • Raw material
  • Criptovalute
  • Government bonds
  • bonds
  • Indices, etc.

The goal that we must set ourselves? Always the same! Get the most out of every situation. To do this you must take the least possible risk and you must do it even in a rather short time.

Let's talk about minimal risk as it operates on the financial markets, it always involves a risk that must always be kept under control in order to minimize it to a maximum until it reaches the zero threshold!

Note also that to be a good trader, you must always avoid risks and you can only do so by calculating and checking them.

How is online trading done?

5 online trading

How is online trading less dangerous?

For to trade online you can proceed with i CFD, better suited to those with a minimum of previous experience and familiarity with the financial leverage. For more information on CFD, visit the section on our blog.

Investing with online trading presupposes that the actions described above can be negotiated via the web, and as such allow us to count on a strong reduction in commission costs.

From this it follows that most traders choose only brokers who offer them services offered with adequate means, consistent with their trading style and which allows them to carry out stock tracking.

For example, by choosing to invest in the forex market, and precisely on 'euro dollar asset, you can choose to analyze this assert by helping yourself with the platform and checking for example the trend of the securities, with sector graphs. This will give you the opportunity to invest in security.

EUR / USD chart - euro dollar exchange rate

To invest in these financial markets, you must choose the right trading platform, which allows you to carry out the financial transactions and therefore speculate on the markets.

You must therefore be able to analyze the charts well in order to invest and to do so, we advise you to do it with the best online trading platforms, regulated and authorized.

Forex Trading Platforms

Le Forex trading platforms and CFD offer graphical indicators and settings concerning leverage. Also in this case you can choose among those regulated, reviewed on our portal and listed below.

eToro Deposit: $ 200
License: CySEC - FCA

Your capital is at risk
24Option Deposit: 250 €
License: CySEC

Your capital is at risk
iTrader Deposit: $ 250
License: CySEC, MiFID

Your capital is at risk
IC Markets Deposit: 200€
License: AFSL / ASIC - FSA

Your capital is at risk
IG Markets Deposit: 0€
License: FCA / CONSOB

Your capital is at risk

* CFDs present a high risk of losing money quickly due to leverage. Between 65% and 89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

How to open an online trading account

To start at do online trading from home you need to follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. choose one online trading broker CFD;
  2. register;
  3. make a deposit.

The procedure is very standard. Once you have chosen the brokers online of which the trading platform is to be used, it is necessary to register by entering all the requested data in a specific form, including a valid email. The procedure takes a couple of minutes at most.

Lastly, you need to make a deposit, or a "top-up" of your credit with which you will go to negotiate (place orders). The minimum deposit varies from broker to broker. It is not essential to use the demo account of many Forex brokers.

On average this varies between the 10 € for the Iq Option broker up to a maximum of 200 € for the eToro broker.

To carry out the first operations, we advise you to have some liquidity in order to cover your strategies in the best way and to diversify the portfolio over multiple assets.

250 € for example is a discreet deposit that allows good flexibility, whether you trade with CFDs or operate in the forex market.

Iq Option: broker with the lowest minimum deposit in the category

IQ Option online trading

IQ Option online trading

eToro: social trading platform

etoro popular investor

eToro: platform of social trading and copy trader

24Option: broker with free trading signals

24Option: online trading broker

24Option: online trading broker

Online demo trading


trading-online demo

Before starting to operate with real money, better if you choose to risk false money, or virtual. The demo account is used to simulate online trading, but in reality you don't win and you don't lose anything. In this case, market operations are only simulated! But be careful not to abuse this tool.

The demo account is useful for trying out a broker using a demo. But don't go any further. Do not invest for a long time, as the demo account does not take into account some features that are specific to the real account.

Online trading is heavily conditioned by emotions, among these we have:

  1. Fear of losing your money
  2. Desire to earn more and more

These are 2 conditions that must not be underestimated and that must be controlled by the trader who cannot in any way control them with the demo account.

Online trading notifications

They are defined as precise and detailed indications on a particular favorable market situation. It is provided by a supplier who sends, via email or any other communication system, a message in which the particularly interesting market situation is described.

This does not mean that they must be accepted. Notifications are just tips. You must evaluate whether it is reliable or not.

Free online trading signals

Some notification providers offer other free payment services. It depends on you and which you want to follow. It is absolutely not true to think that notifications for free do not serve or are not true. Paid ones are often used by experienced traders.

Reliable online trading signals

The notifications can be reliable, but it does not mean at all that they are true to 100% and that as such you get a profit in all cases. Absolutely not! This is mathematically impossible because the financial markets are unpredictable.

Forex: making money with foreign exchange, is it possible?

things online trading

How to make money with online trading?

Il Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) it is nothing more than the currency market. This has no physical location and is virtual. It is the largest market in the world in terms of numbers. It is huge! Billions of dollars move every day.

In the currency market it is possible to take economic advantage even online, with the trading of binary options or CFDs on currency pairs.

Currency or cross pairs are relationships between 2 different currencies, such as EUR / USD (we read euro-dollar, eur-usd, euro against dollar). This symbol represents the exchange ratio between 2 currencies, a relationship that manifests itself with an economic value.

For example, if the EUR / USD is equal to 1,10 it means that 1 euro is worth 1,10 American dollars and that therefore the euro currency is stronger than the dollar.

Now, an important point: the listing of the eur-usd changes according to the conditions that strengthen or weaken a single currency.

For example, if the ECB publishes very negative data for the European economy, the EUR / USD is destined to fall very quickly, that is from the same moments in which this declaration is made public. In that case, the Euro loses value against the dollar, and therefore the EUR / USD goes down.

Similarly, if you USA raise the interest rate, the dollar is certainly going to strengthen and therefore the same result is obtained. In recent times, we have witnessed the quantitative easing maneuver by the ECB which has voluntarily devalued the euro with the aim of increasing inflation.

By entering more circulating currency, a currency is devalued, so theEUR / USD has dropped a lot, going from 1,40 to 1,10 in a few months. These are very large figures, since already with a few tenths it is possible to obtain profits for hundreds or thousands of euros, depending on how much is negotiated.

These examples are useful to understand how important the financial news to be able to make decisions at the right time and take advantage of them in real time.

Trading is a practice that is based on the very short term so you can make profit even in a few minutes; it is also an excellent tool, which allows for potential profits. Everything is about opening a position at the right time, for the right time. A position can be opened for example after the publication of important data or in view of this.

To act in advance, it is essential to have a hand in hand economic calendar, or a calendar in which days and times are marked on certain statements or publications that will then be made, such as the publication of data on the GDP of a particular country.

How to do Forex Trading?

Is online trading a profession?

Is online trading a profession?

Today you can trade on the Forex market, even through CFDs and then choose:

  • the amount to be negotiated;
  • the asset on which to trade;
  • the position to open (long or short);
  • stop loss / limit settings.

The position is closed when it is deemed more appropriate, unless this has already been closed according to the stop settings set by the user.

In addition to the euro / dollar, yes can trade on all major currencies, secondary and virtual (bitcoin, litecoin).

What is CFD online trading?

To trade online you also need to know what online trading is, don't you think?

There are many forms of online trading. Today there are also several brokers that offer different investment solutions and as such offer different underlying assets to invest in.

In a very simple way, investing in online trading means buying a financial asset and waiting for this price to rise. For example, who play at home, nothing but relies on this type of mechanism. They open an account on an online broker such as those previously reported and buy a share listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. What do they do now? They wait for the value to increase.

Il advantage of online trading on stocks lies in the fact that one gains regardless of whether the share price rises or falls. Everything obviously depends on your strategy. If, on the other hand, one invests in shares, buying and owning them, then in that case, one gains only if the price of the share goes up.

Usually this last type of operation is recommended only if you want to keep the title for a long time.

In the case of online trading, instead you invest by focusing on market movements in the short term and with derivative instruments such as CFDs.

What are derivatives?

Another is nothing other than a financial instrument whose value depends on an underlying asset. That's why we say that with online trading and CFDs you invest in underlying assets. They replicate the prices of an asset but do not physically own them.

The derivatives do not offer anything else either right to participation at corporate meetings. So they don't allow you to collect dividends.

The risk of online trading


Online trading, what are the risks?

Like all financial assets in which there is a high profit potential in a short time, there is also a risk component, one can say "in proportion" to the potential for profit. If you invest money to get an interest of 5% per year, you can put it in the bank without risk. If you want to get a profit of 75% in a few minutes, well, you need to consider the risks.

For CFDs the argument is different because although there are CFD brokers that allow you not to go red on your account (thus entering into a debit position with the broker), they nevertheless expect that you can lose more than what was used for the individual transaction.

For example, if I use 100 € and the position starts to lose, if I want to keep the position open I will have to take into account that the remaining money will be used in the trading account. If, for example, I have 500 € and I open positions for 100 €, I will remain 400 €. These 400 € could decrease in case my position loses and I need more credit to keep that position open.

To avoid this situation, you can set stop losses, or automated trading orders that automatically close a position when it touches the levels we set as "alert" levels.

So ultimately: with CFD trading, capital is at risk, that is, it provides that you can lose more than what was used to open the position.

Trading online: basic principles

We have just said that trading online does not exclude us from risks. So you always have to analyze the possible risks that come from:

  • Broker
  • Trader
  • Mercato

In the first case they are related to the broker and the platform. In the second case, everything depends on the psychology of those who work in the markets. Finally, the risk of the markets cannot be foreseen but can at most be assumed.

So how to operate? You don't have to assume that the trading risk should be accepted and that's it. If it can never be canceled, at least it must be contained. Here is also the reason why we recommend using appropriate strategies such as using a good strategy money management, that is, avoiding excessively concentrating one's capital and pursuing a diversification policy.

Online scam trading

Is online trading a scam? Certainly not even though many traders believe so. In reality we are certain that great care must be taken. When working on the financial markets you can get great profits but as such many scammers are also ambushed to take advantage of the fledgling chickens.

It is very easy, for example, to come across advertisements that promise easy profits and above all many really believe that there is such a method that makes them get the maximum compensation from their investments.
Online trading is made up of daily hard work, study and commitment, not shortcuts that do not exist and there is not even anyone who gives you the money.

In any case it is very easy to avoid these scams! Just do not listen to online trading brokers that are not regulated.

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Can you really make money from home?

How to make money from online trading by investing in commodities?

It would be really counterproductive for us to say that it is possible make money from home with online trading to then make you discover that it is not.

Instead, it is really true: you can earn from home even without experience but simply with a bit of dedication, coldness and attention to what happens on the market.

  • Dedication: the more you become familiar with options and platforms, the more profitability you get.
  • Coldness: let's also call it emotional detachment. Don't get carried away by post profit or loss moods.
  • Mercato: if the price of a security follows a trend it is not a case, but it happens for very specific reasons. These have more value over intervals of several hours, but binary options allow you to set the maturity even at these durations.

We allow ourselves to offer you great advice. Focus on the 2-3 asset to the maximum, to better study how its prices vary based on what happens on the market.

For example, how oil varies based on the dollar, or based on events in production territories. Keep in mind that there are different correlations between the various assets, or relationships that make them "interdependent".

For example, there is usually an inverse correlation between the dollar and oil, meaning that if the dollar strengthens, oil falls in price. They are not universal rules, but they are subject to very precise and usually cyclical logic.

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Online trading courses

How do you learn online trading? Simply by following video lessons offered by the broker or simply by practicing and consulting many manuals. We know that practice leads to perfection, but not to knowledge.

We always recommend reconciling demo account and study of new strategies. There are online courses for a fee and others for free. It all depends on you and the type of broker you want to trade with. This is very important because it is not always possible to learn a complex activity in a few hours.

In any case, whether you study with free or paid courses, you always have to apply a lot. So the study must be integrated with the demo account.

Online trading: short term strategies


How to invest in online trading and earn money with short term strategies.

It should be kept in mind that the practice of online trading with it is more a speculation aimed at profiting from price changes in the short and very short term, rather than an investment. In fact, with this term it would be more accurate to refer to a logic of medium or long term, which instead does not apply to binary options, nor to CFDs.

Precisely in the course of a very short term is the most appreciated characteristic for the online trading concon CFD, so it is good to highlight it.

About the short term, it is good to highlight that with i CFD:

  • It takes advantage of the effect of financial leverage, which amplifies the purchasing power of its capital and allows it to be able to negotiate on a number of securities much higher than the one that could be moved with the only available budget.
  • It can be lost in addition to the capital employed, since in the event of a loss the rest of the capital available in the trading account is also affected.
  • There is more possibility of profit, but also a higher risk.

Online trading: opinions - considerations - forums

how CFDs work

Online trading: opinions and considerations on the forums

Today there are several blogs and forums dedicated to online trading. There are also plenty of opinions, even though we always advise you not to pay attention and make sure they are true.

You never have to think that trading online is like playing online. At the same time, there are several opinions on online trading scam. You never have to think that investing is a game, let alone a scam. These are real investments and as such take place on the financial markets even online.

When you read opinions, you must also be careful of the writer. Very often you don't express your opinion on the forums or Facebook groups because they are influenced.

As for opinions on brokers, in this case too we must evaluate the way in which they are written. If they are expressed as a review, in a rational way and with arguments, then you can take them into consideration, such as those you will find in our blog, under the various articles. Otherwise it's better to let it go.

Risk warning - CFDs have a high risk of losing money due to leverage. The 74-89% of retail investors lose money due to CFD trading.


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